Do I shoot myself in the foot first or HEAD.S?

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Jul 20 01:13:09 EST 2000

In message <3975B697.63313411 at> Steve Rossi wrote:
> I wrote a little app that slaps an EST .bin file header on a linux image
> (zvmlinux or zvmlinux.inird). I can send that to you if you want it. Then I use
> Download to Target from VisionClick and that sticks the whole image in RAM. You
> do need to disable VisionICE's interception of software breakpoint emulation
> interrupts - do 'cf sbe special'. That should be it.

BTW - included with the upcoming first public version of PPCBOOT is a
small tool (img2srec) which creates a srecord  file  from  zImage  or
zImage.initrd  files,  omitting unneeded stuff which is included when
just stripping the ELF header and then converting to S-records.  This
saves just another few bytes on the target :-)

Thanks to Ruedi Dummermuth of Abatron who provided this tool.

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