Do I shoot myself in the foot first or HEAD.S?

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Thu Jul 20 00:09:27 EST 2000

clark at wrote:

> 4. Has any one managed to get an EST VisionICE in circuit emulator to work
> with linuxPPc? If so How? Would I be better off using the GNU Debuger?

We did use EST's VisionICE box to download linux kernel images to our target
hardware before we had a rom monitor with network loading. It was also helpful
to debug the early boot stuff when we were porting to custom hardware - before
the memory management is enabled. Once the memory manager is enabled, the
VisionICE becomes mostly useless, because as has been said many times on this
list - most BDM debuggers don't understand virtual addresses. Nevertheless the
VisionICE did offer some utility to us.
I wrote a little app that slaps an EST .bin file header on a linux image
(zvmlinux or zvmlinux.inird). I can send that to you if you want it. Then I use
Download to Target from VisionClick and that sticks the whole image in RAM. You
do need to disable VisionICE's interception of software breakpoint emulation
interrupts - do 'cf sbe special'. That should be it.

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