newlib, uclib

Eric Vaitl eric.vaitl at
Tue Jul 11 03:48:47 EST 2000

I am thinking of using newlib with an embedded linux project myself. I am
just starting with an embedded linux/ppc project. I grabbed the tools and
the script from cygnus for newlib/gcc/binutils and they built OK.

After you do the configure, take a look at
build/powerpc-linux/libgloss/rs600/Makefile. The linux stuff is all
commented out for libgloss. If you uncomment the linux stuff, you will find
two depenencies that can't be satisified. lin-cfuncs.o and lin-syscall.o. I
think we could use the files sol-cfuncs.c and sol-syscalls.c as examples and
tweak them for Linux. I'll let you know if/when I get it working.

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