ide driver - where do i start?

ben bodley benb at
Fri Jul 7 08:15:18 EST 2000

hello all!

listen, we are using a ppc 403gcx running at 80 mips, and have connected
an ide drive straight up to the data bus (through some buffers)..

i can look at the driver command/control registers fine as memory mapped
i/o, etc.. the hd is dma-able and the interface is setup to be stable at
pio4 possibly udma/33..

the next step for me is to modify the linux ide code to talk to my
drive.. has anyone hooked up ide directly to the processor bus?? i am
currently looking at basing my code off drivers/block/ide-pmac.c and
changing the probe and dma code to fit.. is this the place to start??

cheers for any insights,


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