Mvista Kernel on FADS 860

Ruedi.Hofer at Ruedi.Hofer at
Fri Jul 7 01:46:59 EST 2000

Although I know that FADS is a bad choice, some more info concerning this problem:
(I have no solution yet)

I'm referring to hardhat 1.1, kernel source

In several files (eg include/asm-ppc/mpc8xx.h) I found lines containing
Therefore I think I should be able to configure FADS somewhere in the kernel config menu.
Unfortunately, I am not!

All my trials failed of adding the #define to the file arch/ppc/ Example:
  choice 'Machine Type' \
        "PowerMac       CONFIG_PMAC \
         PReP/MTX       CONFIG_PREP \
         CHRP           CONFIG_CHRP \
         PowerMac/PReP/CHRP     CONFIG_ALL_PPC \
         APUS           CONFIG_APUS \
         MBX            CONFIG_MBX \
         RPXL           CONFIG_RPXLITE \
         RPXC           CONFIG_RPXCLASSIC \
         EST8xx         CONFIG_EST8xx \
***         FADS           CONFIG_FADS \
         BSE-IP         CONFIG_BSEIP" PowerMac

Any ideas?


PS: I even have a problem compiling the newly installed hardhat kernel (Without
changing anything, just typing make dep && make zImage!)
I get 'FEC_INTERRUPT'  undeclared in fec.c!

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