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Fri Jul 7 02:57:13 EST 2000

In message <39649719.6A828478 at> Tom Roberts wrote:
> Ruedi.Hofer at wrote:
> > In order to build a commercially successful product I have to reduce the footprint of the system.
> > Having a quick look at the files showed me, that the largest files are the libs ( = 4M) ... as u all know.
> Initially I also thought I would have to strip down the libraries
> to reduce their footprint. But then I realized that Linux is a demand-
> paged system, and only the pages which actually get used will be
> loaded into memory. In our case only memory is an issue, the disk
> space required is not important. So making libc include _everything_

You have a disk, then.

Ruedi is probably on an embedded system, loading a compressed  initrd
image from Flash into a ramdisk.

Both flash and RAM are resources which get tight all too often.

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