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Fri Jul 7 00:59:48 EST 2000

On Thu, 06 Jul 2000, Ruedi.Hofer at wrote:
> Hi
> In order to build a commercially successful product I have to reduce the footprint of the system.
> Having a quick look at the files showed me, that the largest files are the libs ( = 4M) ... as u all know.
> When searching the web for replacements, I came across newlib and uclib.
> Is anyone out there who has done some work with this libs?
>  Are they easy to use, install, build?
> Are there other (small) replacements for the libc?
> /Ruedi

4M sounds like the unstripped size. Make sure you strip the symbols from the
libraries if you are desperate for disk space. Newlib is an implementation of
the C library, but it was intended for use on embedded systems without Linux.
Hence there is no support for the Linux system calls in it.

Another option is to identify the C library functions that you are actually
using and remove the others from the archive. That would be rather tough by
hand. Lineo has a closed source tool called "Lipo" which will do that for you -
there may be a free replacement in the works somewhere.

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