Problems with HardHat/NFS root filesystems

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Thu Jul 6 02:27:57 EST 2000

Thanks, Wolfgang, for your response.  It helped somewhat.  Here's what I

1. I am also unable to run ash.static
2. I forgot to mention another error message (actually, I thought it was
trivial but it's not), I also get a "Warning: unable to open an initial
console" error message.

3. I also had to make a change when installing HHL, and I think this is
the key to my problem.  Basically, the RedHat install I chose left me with
a relatively small root partition, giving most of the disk space to
partitions mounted as /usr and /home.  Since the HHL stuff wouldn't fit in
/opt, I made a directory, /usr/opt, and linked it to /opt. (soft)

In /etc/exports, I export the volume as /opt/hardhat.....

However, when I do an "exportfs -av" the exported volume shows up as

I specified /opt/hardhat... in /etc/dhcpd.conf

I think, therefore, that NFS is not allowing access to the proper
directories, and that's why it can't find an init (or a /dev/console!)

Am I on the right track?
Mark Phillips

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