PPC403 bootup problem

Tom Shaver tom_shaver at psilongbeach.com
Thu Feb 24 06:38:12 EST 2000

I am trying to boot my IBM 403 eval board using Grant's 403 kernels. First
question is, I don't know what eval bord it is. It doesn't say "OAK" or
anything like that on it. 2nd, the board came with a 403GA processor, in a
socket, which we have replaced with a 403GCX. The ROM monitor eprom routines
startup fine with the GCX installed, recognizing the processor and speed
correctly. It goes through what looks like a normal startup, does a bootp,
loads the linux kernel via tftp, tries to boot the kernel, and hangs
immediately. Here's the transcript of what happens (from the serial port).
Any input appreciated.


403GCX 8.2 ROM Monitor (5/12/97)

 ------- System Info --------
 Processor speed = 66 MHz
 Bus speed       = 33 MHz
 Amount of DRAM  = 16 MBytes

 --- Device Configuration ---
 Power-On Test Devices:
   000  Enabled   System Memory [RAM]
   001  Enabled   Ethernet [ENET]
   004  Disabled  Serial Port 2 [S2]
 Boot Sources:
   001  Enabled   Ethernet [ENET]
                  local=  remote=

   004  Disabled  Serial Port 2 [S2]
                  local=  remote=  hwaddr=ffffffffffff
   005  Disabled  Serial Port 1 [S1]
                  Baud = 115200
 Debugger: Disabled
Press any key to get configuration menu
Checking system RAM
Bank 4 (DRAM): 04 MB   Addr: 0x00c00000
Bank 5 (DRAM): 04 MB   Addr: 0x00400000
Bank 6 (DRAM): 04 MB   Addr: 0x00800000
Bank 7 (DRAM): 04 MB   Addr: 0x00000000
Installed DRAM: 16 MB
Checking DRAM between 0x80000000 and 0x81000000

  System RAM check complete
Booting from [ENET] Ethernet...
Sending bootp request ...

Loading file "/LINUXPPC.IMG" ...
Sending tftp boot request ...
Transfer Complete ...
Loaded successfully ...
Entry point at 0x200000 ...


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