Current state of MPC8260 Linux

Dan Malek dan at
Thu Feb 24 04:08:52 EST 2000

diekema_jon wrote:

>          If anyone has additional wisdom on this topic,

There are people that profusely contribute Open Source software
without complaint, providing clever designs and elegant software
style.  These people have my greatest respect and deepest
gratitude.  I am striving to be like them.

Some of us contribute to the best of our ability, fortunate to
have others realize our value to their success.  To pay our
bills in life, we have agreed to provide production quality
software for their products.  Ultimately, indirectly, albeit
more slowly, they too contribute Open Source software.

Others believe the Open Source train isn't stopping at their
station, failing to realize bleeding edge technology requires
resource investments commensurate with their expected rewards.
Their product development will fail due to the lack of exercising
options that reduce development risk and ensure success.  They
are unlikely to benefit from or contribute Open Source software.

	-- Dan

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