Linux on Motorola Sandpoint/PPMC7400

Tom Roberts tjroberts at
Wed Aug 30 01:04:54 EST 2000

Alex Shnitman wrote:
> I've seen that Hard Hat Linux supports the Sandpoint board with
> MPC8240 and MPC755. We have a 7400 processor there though. Does anyone
> have any experience with this configuration? Can Linux run on it?

While I have no experience with this board, I have run Linux on our
own boards, with MPC750, MPC755, and MPC7400. Note these three can
all be obtained in APPROXIMATELY pin-compatible packages, and their
architecthres are compatible (the 7400 adds AltiVec; I'm ignoring
differences in clock speed, cache size, etc). The MPC8240 is I believe
a completely different beast (I've never used one).

I used Linux Kernel 2.2.15 from YellowDog, heavily customized to run
on our boards. I made no MPC7400-specific changes, however. Note I
made no effort at all to optimize it for the 7400 (other than adding
the proper l2cr parameter -- yes, your software has to be aware of
the hardware platform's details (:-().

	I have only 1 board with 7400s, and we are modifying it to
	try and evaluate SMP architecture....

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