BDM problem

Nguyen Xuan Hoang hoang_nguyen at
Tue Aug 29 16:28:41 EST 2000


Thank very much for your info.  I have verified myself and ask one of my
colleague to double check it, but the Kernel Hacking is already disabled.
However it seems there's some thing relate to your supposition, I can run
the kernel without stopping BDM by command:
         g 100000 (or any random  number).

That's fine for me at this time, but it's still a question : BDM problem or
kernel problem?????

Another problem I have is:

    - After the kernel initializing and running,  if I stop the BDM to view
some registers and start again. The BDM will stop and report an breakpoint
happen if I try to press any key on terminal.  Any advices ???

Thank in advances

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> Hoang,
> When you are trying to use the Avocet Systems HMI BMD device
> have you built a kernel with Kernel Hacking disabled? It appears
> from your description the it is still enabled. When kgdb is enabled
> through kernel hacking, it starts and immediately hits a breakpoint.
> If you at this time set a breakpoint further on then you should be
> able to proceed. If you want to use the HMI BMD then you need
> to un-select kernel hacking and rebuild your kernel.
> Cal Erickson
> Nguyen Xuan Hoang wrote:
> > Hi All, I have problem when running Linux kernel using BDM. It seems
> > not a new problem, from this mail list I can learn some thing: Before
> > run the debugger:
>>        - Set DER to 0 using BDM command:
> >                         X  DER
>>                           30002400f
>>                           0
>>       -  Set ICTRL to 7 using BDM command:
>>               X ICTRL
> >             00000000
>>              7
>>        -  Run the debugger: g
>>    However, the BDM auto stop right after the kernel execute: (perhaps it
turn on the virtual
> > mode here)
>>             execve("/sbin/init",argv_init,envp-init);  in file
>>    The BDM show that an breakpoint occur (the PC = 0xFEEDDA8),but of
course I didn't set any breakpoint.

>> My system is: RPX LITE + HMI BDM + SOURCE GATE II Could anyone please
point me a
> > solution.
>> Thank in advances
>>  Hoang
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