ext2fs or ramdisk problems......

Graham Stoney greyham at research.canon.com.au
Tue Aug 29 15:14:35 EST 2000

Whitney, John writes:
> If I copy a file, such as /bin/vim, into new files until they fill up
> the unused ramdisk space, delete the copies, and start copying them
> again, I get the "out of space" error (actually, I don't think I even
> have to fill up the space before I can get this to happen).  If it were
> inode related, I'd think that it was the *number* of files and that for
> each file I deleted, I could create a new one (which isn't the case).

True.  I just tried both these cases, and I get the results you expect.
Are you sure your memory subsystem is working properly?
Did you pass an explicit size to mke2fs, and if so, does it match the size of
your ramdisk?


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