software floating point

ÁÖ¹Î±Ô zzu at
Tue Aug 29 15:11:09 EST 2000

I have some questions...about soft-floating point...

I use MPC860, and I made cross develop enviroment.
Host is i386 machine. Target is MPC860.

package that I use
1. binutils-2.10
2. gcc-2.95.2
3. glibc-2.1.3 (add-ons : glibc-crypt-2.1, glibc-linuxthreads-2.1.3)

I did following steps..
First, I compile the binutils for powerpc cpu.
Second, I build cross compiler with gcc.
Third, I compile glibc for powerpc with cross compiler that I made.
Last, I re-build cross compiler include glibc for library.

When compile third step, shoud I use some options to support software floating point?
or shoud I edit some code to support software floating point?

To support software floating point, which steps should I use some special options in above steps and what option is it need?

Thank u for reading my terrible english...^ ^
Take care...

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