Ram Disk

Julia Elbert jelbert at enerdyne.com
Fri Aug 25 05:12:18 EST 2000

Hi All,

I am running a 7mg ram disk in my 860t. I have multiple programs I start
through linuxrc. I am streaming video, serial data, and running a web server
on various sockets. The webserver is GoAhead. When I click on a cgi script
my system crashes with

Software Emulation Web/62 NIP: 1009a014 *NIP: 0x0 code: ffffffdaSoftware
on linuxrc/6 NIP: 1009a014 *NIP: 0x0 code: ffffffdasash-2.03#

Am I running out of ram? I have 16 mgs.

Thanks in advance....

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