Journeyman configure/build options for gcc & glibc?

Joe Green jgreen at
Thu Aug 17 04:44:29 EST 2000

On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Graham Stoney wrote:
> I thought I had the whole soft-float thing on 8xx worked out long ago, until I
> upgraded our root filesystem to the one from MontaVista's Journeyman kit, and
> found that my (which my binaries work when linked against)
> doesn't work in place of the Journeyman  It's the usual
> symptom: A simple floating-point printf gives the wrong answer.
> So, my question: what configure options were used to build the gcc-2.95.2 &
> glibc-2.1.2 in Journeyman?  In particular:
> - Did the gcc configure include "-with-cpu=860" (or one of the other cpus's
>   to make -msoft-float the default).
> - Has the gcc specs file been hacked to pass -D_SOFT_FLOAT in the absence of
>   -mhard-float (note that -mcpu=860 won't do this by default in gcc-2.95.2)
> - Was CFLAGS set to include -msoft-float before building glibc?

I believe the compiler has been modified to default to both
-msoft-float and -D_SOFT_FLOAT for ppc_8xx.

> - Any other suggestions :-(

I recall the printf problem as something we specifically fixed.  I
asked the engineer who worked on it, and he said it was a varargs
problem, so the fix is in the the gcc package.

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