RPX CL-LF crashing on MVista Hardhat Linux

Paul Fagerburg PaulFagerburg at RenaissanceNT.com
Thu Aug 10 05:13:19 EST 2000

Thanks to the many people who responded to help me with the earlier
problems - it turned out that the default kernel in hardhat linux expects
the ethernet to be on SCC2, whereas the CLLF board we purchased from
Embedded Planet has the ethernet hooked up to SCC1. Once I rebuilt the
kernel, the CLLF was able to get its IP information over BOOTP, mount an NFS
share, and get to a command line. Very nice!

However, I am now experiencing a new problem: random crashes. The time
interval seems to be completely unpredictable, sometimes before it can get
to INIT, sometimes after several hours, and lots of stuff in between. I am
attaching a minicom log of one such session, along with my .config file.

We are currently using the serial monitor port to work on the console, and
the 10BaseT eth0 for telnet. Eventually, we'll hook up a cable to the
100BaseTX eth1 and use that, but for the time being, the jack is vacant. One
of the crashes (which I didn't log, unfortunately) mentioned something about
floating point, so I emabled math emulation in the kernel, but it was no

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Paul Fagerburg
Renaissance Network Technology
829 De La Vina St., Suite 200
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805-899-4260 x 115
plf at RenaissanceNT.com
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