IDE on MBX/821 working

Jamie Guinan guinan at
Wed Aug 9 16:39:34 EST 2000

A while back I mentioned that I was trying to get an IDE drive
working on an MBX/821 board.  This was rumored to have worked
before by various people in this thread,

Anyway, I did eventually get it to work, including partitioning, ext2
formatting, mounting, read/write, with PCMCIA CompactFlash at the same
time, using the 2.2.13 kernel from Monta Vista CDK 1.0, and Magnus
Damm's m8xx PCMCIA driver.

I put together a few web pages with some notes and a set of patches
against the 2.2.13 Monta Vista kernel source, at

for anyone who wants to try getting this working on the same or similar


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