What 405 and MPC740/MPC106 reference boards should I buy for LinuxPPC embedded development?

Todd C. Larsen tlarsen at openbits.net
Fri Aug 4 12:34:22 EST 2000

I'm interested in purchasing reference or evaluation boards for two
different PowerPC implementations that are reasonably good choices
as LinuxPPC targets.

The first target is an IBM 405GP.  I've noticed that MontaVista has
been working with the Walnut board, and I'm wondering if this is
the best (or just *only*) evaluation board to use.

The second target is an MPC740 with the MPC106 PCI bridge.  I've
worked with the Yellowknife (both X2 and X4) in the past, with
MPC603e and (I think) MPC740 PGA modules, but not with LinuxPPC.
Was LinuxPPC ever running on the Yellowknife?

I've noticed that the Yellowknife may no longer be available (the
documentation pages indicate they are "archival use only").  Is
there another alternative for the MPC740/MPC106 combination,
perhaps something from IBM?  The Sandpoint board won't work for
me because there doesn't seem to be an MPC740/MPC106 module.

For this second combination, the board doesn't need to be an
evalation board per se, so I'm open to suggestions.

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