Questions on the MPC8xx-2.3.10 realease.

sébastien tadéoni sebastien_tadeoni at
Fri Sep 24 01:05:52 EST 1999

Hi PPCpeople;

I worked recently on the mpc8xx-2.3.10 sources, and I
had less problem for compilation than with the 2.2.5
release, but it stays some 'undefined reference to
:kbd_pt_regs, fg_console, no_scroll.....'.

I think it is a configuration problem, but I don't
find any solution (and I wonder if I will find the
good configuration one day). I noticed like Brendan
that some parameter are configured even if you didn't
I edited the autoconf.h but no really changes.

According to Dan, it seems to be tooo difficult to
cross compile on a host pentium machine (I begin to be
mainly agree with him),so I'm going to obtain a
powermac station.

However I would like to know before if someone has
already succeeded to build a zImage or zImage.initrd
configured for a MPC860 MBX board on a host pentium
(II 400) station?

Good Day.
Sébastien Tadéoni

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