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Sat Sep 18 08:25:49 EST 1999

In message <37E2AEE2.6930EB1D at> Dan Malek wrote:
> > Yes, I have. It's pretty short, and pretty much useless  on  anything
> > else but an MBX board.
> Excuse me?  That is used for every board in my office and
> certainly all of them selectable from the configuration script.

Sorry. Re-reading what I posted this sounds a lot more negative  than
I  intended. I definitely don't want to blindy criticize one of those
who contributed so much to what I'm using now.

> I particularly like to take advantage of all of the work done
> by others in the "workstation" group.  To do this you have to fit
> with what they do, not go in a different direction that makes it
> difficult to track.

Me too.

And needless to say, I'm taking a lot of advantage of  what  you  did
and are doing.

I posted the fadrom code for this purpose, but everyone still

Oops! I must have missed this (I  even  can't  find  it  here  in  my
archives). Can you please re-post a pointer? TIA!

> wants to invent their own.....That does everything from processor
> and SDRAM initialization to loading ext2 file systems from an
> ATA Flash card.  Strip out what you don't want and tack it on
> the front of zImage.

Where is it?!?

> Just keep talking, we'll come up with something.

Maybe I/we can do a bit more than just talking?

> You are doing it.  I'll just keep tossing stuff out there, at
> least as file updates on the server.  When we see something better,
> I'll check it into CVS.



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