mpc8xx-2.3.10 configuration questions.

Dan Malek dan at
Fri Sep 17 01:39:19 EST 1999

Brendan Simon wrote:

> No, unfortunately I do not have access to a powermac.

I strongly recommend that anyone doing 8xx (or any PPC development)
use a PPC host of some type.  It is sooooo much easier.  No cross
development hassles, bytes in the proper world order, all of the
tools work......

> I do expect things not to work.

As I said, if it isn't directly 8xx related, you can probably
read about it on the other lists as well.

> .... I think I will do the port for the 2.2.5 first and
> then migrate it to the 2.3.x stuff later.  Does this sound reasonable ?

I think so.  After working with 2.3.18, 2.2.5 just feels "old".
In particular there are some configuration changes that work better
in the newer releases.

I wouldn't recommend 2.3.10 for anything right now.  In fact, I will
probably remove that tar image from the server the next time I visit.

	-- Dan

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