mpc8xx-2.3.10 configuration questions.

Brendan Simon bsimon at
Thu Sep 16 09:48:21 EST 1999

Dan Malek wrote:

> > .....This worries me a bit,
> > especially having 8xx and 6xx cpus both defined.  Is this intentional ?
> Well, you can either worry or fix it and get on with life.  Keep in
> mind that the 8xx is really a minimal change to the Linux/PPC baseline.
> If something doesn't work on the 8xx, and it is not specific to
> the 8xx (like the file system stuff), chances are it doesn't work
> for any PPC release.  Build it for a PMAC or something (you do have
> some other PPC besides the 8xx, right?) and compare the results.

No, unfortunately I do not have access to a powermac.  My x86 laptop is just
about getting to the end of it's warranty and I am looking at upgrading in the
next month or so.  Since I have no desire to run DOS/Windows programs AND the
powerpc G3/G4 machines kick ass, I will probably upgrade to a PowerBook :)

> Remember, the 2.3.x CVS is a serious development tree, changing
> every minute, and can go for many releases without running
> properly in many aspects.  When you play in this sandbox you have
> to expect things not to work correctly, and contribute to the
> updates.

I do expect things not to work.  I do not know the kernel internals very well
and I am not confident in changing things willy nilly.  Reporting things to
the mailing list seems reasonable to me to see if others have seen similar
things and have found solutions.  I don't mind getting my hands dirty and
trying things but I would rather wait for some direction from others first so
I don't head down the wrong track and possibly stuff up something that didn't
really have a problem.

In a previous email you mentioned that the embedded-2.2.5 release is still the
most stable, but you recommended to me that the 2.3.10 kernels are the place
to start for new ports.  I think I will do the port for the 2.2.5 first and
then migrate it to the 2.3.x stuff later.  Does this sound reasonable ?

Brendan Simon.

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