LinuxPPC with BDM

Brendan Simon bsimon at
Mon Sep 13 16:02:40 EST 1999

Dan mentioned (in another email) that mpcbug can cause problems when
running linux.  I take it this is a generic BDM problem.  Is this true
?  In theory it shouldn't matter should it, as long as the debugger
leaves the core in the same condition just before it enters debug mode.

I have been using the BDM to download kernels and running them from RAM
(stepping through the code, etc).  Could this be the cause of the
strange behaviour I've seen on the ADS boards ?

Should I stear clear of the BDM ?  I would prefer to use it as it allows
alot of low level debugging and control.

Brendan Simon.

BTW. I have been using a beta version of GDB with support for the
Macraigor Wiggler.  I got it from Scott Howard.  Unfortunately it will
only run on a Windows machine due to the wigglers.dll which is
required.  If anyones interested in this then there is more information

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