2.3.18 on openprojects.net

Cort Dougan cort at ppc.kernel.org
Fri Oct 29 13:21:43 EST 1999

Try the latest Linus release.  It has the latest changes.  VGER and
openprojects.net are woefully behind.

} Yesterday (99-10-27) evening I downloaded 2.3.18 and
} tried to compile it. In order to succeed, I had to turn
} ON CONFIG_MODULE, otherwise I am getting error with
} EXPORT_SYMTAB_not_defined (I think it was in serial.c
} but I am not sure).
} Also, I am trying to had MATH_EMULATION but this fails
} in math.c complaining about a structure not having a
} member name tss (in current->tss). I tryied to follow
} the definitinoa little bit ans found that current is
} a struct task_struct but there is no member that has
} the tss (a least not directly). I found many instances
} (using fgrep) in many asm-PROCESSOR files (for i386,
} MIPS, M68K, etc.) but nothing in asm-ppc. I guess
} the task management fucntions is/are in some sort
} of evolution and math_emu is not up to date. Is
} somebody is working on it?
} Claude

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