MPC8BUG crashes on Windows 95/98/NT

Nicolas Pohland pohland at
Fri Oct 29 03:15:02 EST 1999

Dan Malek wrote:

> Go into the e-mail archives and read my past messages.  It has
> helped some people.....and pissed off others.....

Essentially the email lists imply to chuck the FADS. Is this a correct
summary ?

I downloaded mpc8bug version 1.5 from 
after getting tipped off and this worked under NT 4.0 SP 5 when merging
this with the 1.6 configuration files of mpc8bug.


ELF files sre supported by LOADF but only after specifying -Ttext to

The first parameter for mpc8bug is not the base address of the ADI board
divided by 0x100. Instead it is the index into the
device list (normally 0).

I will now continue to debug the image unless a tarball with a FADS 860T
floats along :-). I will be happy to provide one
once I am finished.


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