Console on SMC2 (was: Re: MPC823 Serial ports)

Marcus Sundberg erammsu at
Mon Oct 25 22:47:10 EST 1999

greyham at (Graham Stoney) writes:

> Hi Marcus,
> Marcus Sundberg writes:
> > TTYAUX_MAJOR corresponds to the /dev/cua* devices, which are obsolete.
> Could you please clarify what you mean here? Are you saying that the /dev/cua*
> devices are obsolete?

Yes, has been so since before 2.2.0 IIRC.

> If so, what's the replacement?

>From linux/Documentation/Changes:
     Also, please remember that cua* devices are now obsolete.  Switch to
  the corresponding ttyS* device instead (e.g., cua0 -> ttyS0, cua1 ->
  ttyS1, etc.).

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