MPC8xx updates to 2.2.13

Mark S. Mathews mark at
Mon Oct 25 15:00:18 EST 1999

Hey Dan,

We just got done getting the 2.2.13 running on the RPX-lite.  We had to
add CONFIG_ENET_SCC2 to its config to make it work.  Thanks for the

BTW: have you compiled any of these with CONFIG_MODULES turned on?  We've
tried with a couple of different kernels and generally get syntax errors
from ppc_ksyms.c and, after fixing those, we get a bunch of unresolved
symbols from kernel.o .  We didn't dig very deep on this, we were just
curious if it would work...apparently not. ;-)

I'm wondering if anyone else has played with this?

Oh well, we'll just go back to a static kernel and work from there, no big

Thanks Again,

On Fri, 22 Oct 1999, Dan Malek wrote:

> I just put a tar image of 2.2.13 with the 8xx updates on
>  I needed it for a couple of real applications....
> It has a few things in it that I have yet to check into the 2.3.xx
> baseline.  In particular there are a couple of 10/100 Ethernet
> PHYs I want to ensure work properly.  There are also CPM port
> configurations I want to complete.
> I tested it on the MBX, BrightStar Engineering BSE-IP, and the
> Embedded Planet RPX-CLLF.  If you are using the CLLF, there is
> some additional information about booting over the 10/100 Ethernet
> on the FEC that may be helpful.  Ask and I will post that in
> a separate message so it doesn't get lost here.
> 	-- Dan

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