NFS Root - I am further ahead

Claude Robitaille crobitaille at
Mon Oct 25 04:34:37 EST 1999

Hi all,

> Normally, at this point I find the console device isn't working
> correctly.  That is, the NFS server isn't properly handling things
> in /dev, the symbolic link of /dev/console is wrong, or the
> /dev/console node itself isn't correct.
I am using the dev directory found in mbxroot_min_tgz so I am 
assuming this is ok.

Does any one know if all of a program's dynamic libraries are loaded
upon startup of it or are they just loaded when needed? I think it is
the later so the clue of not seeing all the library read (looking at
tcpdump) does not tell anything.

I try to put a printf at the beginning of init but it does not
show up. I guess this does not say much...

Other idea(s)?


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