Help with BSE-IP Board and Linux 2.2.5

Grant Carter gcarter at
Wed Oct 13 01:48:14 EST 1999

Hi all

Perhaps someone can help me. I have just received my BSE IP-Engine and
have compiled the 2.2.5 kernel for it. The compilation went successfully
and, after setting up the IP address etc on the board and getting my
TFTP server running, I downloaded the kernel to the board (via Ethernet
so I know it is working). Since the user space starts at 0x4000, I
loaded the zImage there. When I tried to run it, the BSE board froze. I
found that I had downloaded an old kernel from for
the BSE board and when I tried it, I got the same results. Does it
matter to the kernel at what address in memory it is loaded and if so,
where can I change this is the linker?

I have set up my NFS server with the mbxroot.min files in it. I am not
100% sure that this is working but am I correct in assuming that I
should see the beginning of the kernel booting before it requires any
files from the NFS server? 

Any ideas on how to proceed from here? Does somebody have a known
working kernel for this board which I can try?


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