Strange behavior on FADS with ICTRL==0

Claude Robitaille crobitaille at
Sun Oct 10 00:05:57 EST 1999

Check the version of the chip and change it to a B2 version if it is
not it. You should be able to get a sample.


> Jim Lewis wrote:
> > ........ If the ISCT_SER field of the
> > ICTRL register is set to 0 (which is the value on reset), the system is
> > very unstable.
> You have to be very careful with the configuration of 8xx control and
> debug registers.  Depending upon the silicon revision, there are certain
> errata that require explicit settings of these registers.  This is certainly
> one of them.....some die require serialization to be set, others require you
> never set it, others require subsequent software work around depending
> upon the setting.

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