IDE on MBX board

Dan Malek dmalek at
Tue Nov 23 10:59:57 EST 1999

Cort Dougan wrote:

> .........  One of the big problems was tracking down
> the interrupt routing for IDE on the MBX.  If you check to see if you're
> getting any interrupts at all on the 8259 that may give you a good place to
> start.
> I don't have an IDE drive for my MBX anymore but would like to have it
> working again.  Let me know if you want to work together on it.

I have a couple of projects over the next month or so (if the hardware
arrives :-) that include some kind of IDE disk interface.  They are not
PCI/ISA devices, rather unique hardware interfaces to the bus. I
also have the 8240/Sandpoint to finish, which currently has a similar
interrupt routing problem you mention above (integrated interrupt
controller with external 8259).  I also want the pcmcia-cs running
on the 8xx, which means we have to make IDE work there (and I think it
is still broken on the PowerBooks :-).

It appears there are enough of us to get it working, so let's just
keep in touch and post the progress.

	-- Dan

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