IDE on MBX board

Dan Malek dmalek at
Tue Nov 23 03:46:59 EST 1999

Sorin Balea wrote:
> Hello all
> I've noticed that the MBX board has an IDE port. Has anyone been able to
> use it, let's say with a hard disk? Any tips regarding this problem?

Well......Cort had it working once, I tend to break and fix it at
various times.  I think right now it is broken......

The IDE has assumed knowledge of PC-style addresses and behavior.  To
use things like ATA Flash cards in the PCMCIA of the 8xx, I break the
generic IDE interface.  On the 8xx, it is also sensitive to the interrupt
controller.  Cort and I are always going back and forth about how to
use the internal interrupt controller in combination with the external
8259.  I want things that are more generic to other 8xx boards, and to
get IDE to work you have to make assumptions unique to the MBX.

I understand it would be nice to have the IDE working on the MBX, but
all of the products I have worked with use ATA flash....nothing has
ever used an IDE drive through a PCI/AT bus adapter.  This is why code
I tend to check in will allow PCMCIA ATA Flash and not the more complex
external represents products in the field.

	-- Dan

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