LinuxEmbedded: minimal network system packages.

Scott Wood scott at
Sat Nov 13 05:14:05 EST 1999

> I need to know what packages I NEED and where to find the sources for
> them.  RedHat and Debian supply all the sources for the releases.  I
> have been to the LinuxPPC mirror and also found RPM sources.  I am
> currently looking at these these packages are put together by the
> vendors and they must get the sources from somewhere else.  eg. where is
> the orignal site for "mount" ?  I prefer to use a tarball than some
> proprietry distribution package.

There is a utility in the Linux Router Project
called 'busybox' which contains many useful utilities and it's about 80k
(430k statically linked).  busybox can 'mount' but it just silently failed
on my MPC850 board, so I'm using 'mount' from util-linux-2.9.  If you're
a RedHat-based distribution, you can use 'rpm -qf </path/to/filename>' 
to find the name of the package that <filename> belongs to.  

> Thanks,
> Brendan Simon.

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