LinuxEmbedded: minimal network system packages.

Dave Weis djweis at
Sat Nov 13 00:35:12 EST 1999

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Brendan Simon wrote:
> I want to be able to run FTP (client only), HTTP server, SNMP agent and
> TELNET server.
> What packages do I need to compile (cross-compile) to get these working
> Things I think I need are :
> * init

> * mount (do I NEED this ?)
> * ifconfig (do I NEED this ?)

read through the source for the two packages above. ifconfig on my machine
is 33k but if your config will be locked down, you can sum it up as

ioctl(4, SIOCSIFADDR, 0xbffffb78)       = 0
ioctl(4, SIOCSIFNETMASK, 0xbffffb68)    = 0

to set the address and netmask of the loopback interface. 

read the source of the utils or strace them. if you have a few utils like
mount and ifconfig you can combine them into one program to cut down on
overhead and check the argv[0] to see what name they were called with and
change behavior based on that.


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