DPAA Ethernet traffice troubles with Linux kernel

mad skateman madskateman at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 07:39:19 AEDT 2018

Hi linux devs,

Like mentioned in this thread
i also experience the exact same issues.
I am also trying to find out why the network traffic is not flowing
the way it should (out for example ).

My linux knowledge is very basic but i hope i can contribute anyway.

I am using the AmigaOne X5000 with a P5020
Most detailed technical information regarding this issue can be found
in the Thread by Jamie Krueger mentioned above.

In this screenshot, the ETH0 and ETH1 seem up and running (probed) ..
even due to the FSL_DPAA_MAC error messages that DMESG shows.


I was able to use some tooling like ETHTOOL to adjust some settings
and check if the interface responded. This all seems fine.

Hope that someone can find a fix, so the Ethernet adapter can be used.


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