[PATCH V3 3/5] mm: mlock: Introduce VM_LOCKONFAULT and add mlock flags to enable it

Eric B Munson emunson at akamai.com
Sat Jul 11 02:19:48 AEST 2015

On Fri, 10 Jul 2015, Jonathan Corbet wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Jul 2015 14:46:35 -0400
> Eric B Munson <emunson at akamai.com> wrote:
> > > One other question...if I call mlock2(MLOCK_ONFAULT) on a range that
> > > already has resident pages, I believe that those pages will not be locked
> > > until they are reclaimed and faulted back in again, right?  I suspect that
> > > could be surprising to users.  
> > 
> > That is the case.  I am looking into what it would take to find only the
> > present pages in a range and lock them, if that is the behavior that is
> > preferred I can include it in the updated series.
> For whatever my $0.02 is worth, I think that should be done.  Otherwise
> the mlock2() interface is essentially nondeterministic; you'll never
> really know if a specific page is locked or not.
> Thanks,
> jon

Okay, I likely won't have the new set out today then.  This change is
more invasive.  IIUC, I need an equivalent to __get_user_page() skips
pages which are not present instead of faulting in and the call chain to
get to it.  Unless there is an easier way that I am missing.

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