shiva7 sivasakthi7 at
Mon May 19 09:38:11 EST 2014

Thanks Scott.

Apologize for not quoting the old email reference. I assumed the old archive
content always will be in the trail.

Any idea whether the DBCR0 BRT bit actually works(??), if I add  DBCR0 under
sys_debug context call? because this code seems like direct porting and
wondering why on first place not included under debug_context call. 

And also, anything special required for "server" family application code
porting here ?? as because in server family the trace exception used to viz
NORMAL exception proglog and uses SRR0 and SRR1 but in this ISA/embedded
case have dedicated DEBUG_DEBUG prolog and dedicated registers DSRR0 and

I can see the debug handler already have HACK to simulate the branch taken
case and SIGTRAP to user space.

Thanks in Advance.

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