[PATCH 4/6] KVM: PPC: BOOK3S: HV: Use new functions for mapping/unmapping hpte in host

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Wed Jul 2 14:28:31 EST 2014

On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 04:47:33PM +0530, Aneesh Kumar K.V wrote:
> We want to use virtual page class key protection mechanism for
> indicating a MMIO mapped hpte entry or a guest hpte entry that is swapped out
> in the host. Those hptes will be marked valid, but have virtual page
> class key set to 30 or 31. These virtual page class numbers are
> configured in AMR to deny read/write. To accomodate such a change, add
> new functions that map, unmap and check whether a hpte is mapped in the
> host. This patch still use HPTE_V_VALID and HPTE_V_ABSENT and don't use
> virtual page class keys. But we want to differentiate in the code
> where we explicitly check for HPTE_V_VALID with places where we want to
> check whether the hpte is host mapped. This patch enables a closer
> review for such a change.


>  		/* Check for pending invalidations under the rmap chain lock */
>  		if (kvm->arch.using_mmu_notifiers &&
>  		    mmu_notifier_retry(kvm, mmu_seq)) {
> -			/* inval in progress, write a non-present HPTE */
> -			pteh |= HPTE_V_ABSENT;
> -			pteh &= ~HPTE_V_VALID;
> +			/*
> +			 * inval in progress in host, write host unmapped pte.
> +			 */
> +			host_unmapped_hpte = 1;

This isn't right.  We already have HPTE_V_VALID set here, and you now
don't clear it here, and it doesn't get cleared by the
__kvmppc_unmap_host_hpte() call below either.


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