[PATCH v4] [BUGFIX] kprobes: Fix "Failed to find blacklist" error on ia64 and ppc64

Masami Hiramatsu masami.hiramatsu.pt at hitachi.com
Tue Jul 1 12:21:02 EST 2014

(2014/06/30 20:36), Michael Ellerman wrote:
> On Mon, 2014-06-30 at 12:14 +0900, Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
>> Ping? :)
> Yeah sorry. I started looking at this and got dragged into another mess.
> You seem to have duplicated the functionality of arch_deref_entry_point(),
> which was also added for kprobes, and for the same reason - ie. because some
> arches have strange function pointers. Is there some reason you can't use it?

Ah, right! Hmm, it seems some more work to update it. but basically, we can do.
BTW, is there any other users who need to access the actual function entry (for
kallsyms case)?

If so, I guess it'd better to merge this version and replace kprobe's local
arch_deref_entry_point() with generic function_entry() macro.

Thank you,

Software Platform Research Dept. Linux Technology Research Center
Hitachi, Ltd., Yokohama Research Laboratory
E-mail: masami.hiramatsu.pt at hitachi.com

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