[PATCH v8] clk: corenet: Adds the clock binding

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Sat Jan 11 07:19:30 EST 2014

On Fri, 2014-01-10 at 10:29 +0800, Tang Yuantian wrote:
> +- reg: Offset and length of the clock register set

"offset" into what?  The containing node is not within the scope of this

I know that plenty of other bindings are worded this way, and I wouldn't
hold up acceptance if this were the only issue, but it ought to be fixed
to say something like "reg: resource zero represents the clock register

> +Recommended properties:
> +- clock-frequency: Input system clock frequency. Must be present
> +	if the device has sub-nodes.

Why only "if the device has sub-nodes"?

> +       * "fsl,qoriq-sysclk-1.0": for input system clock (v1.0).
> +               It takes parent's clock as its clock.
> +       * "fsl,qoriq-sysclk-2.0": for input system clock (v2.0).
> +               It takes parent's clock as its clock.

s/parent's clock/parent's clock-frequency/ since the parent isn't
actually exposing a clock as per the clock bindings.

> +Example for clock block and clock provider:
> +/ {
> +	clockgen: global-utilities at e1000 {
> +		compatible = "fsl,p5020-clockgen", "fsl,qoriq-clockgen-1.0";
> +		ranges = <0x0 0xe1000 0x1000>;
> +		clock-frequency = <0>;

It'd be better to show a real clock-frequency here -- this is an example
for the node as the OS sees it, not what goes in the dts as an input to


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