[PATCH RFC v6 4/5] dma: mpc512x: register for device tree channel lookup

Alexander Popov a13xp0p0v88 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 07:54:38 EST 2014

Hello Gerhard.
Thanks for your review.

2013/12/26 Gerhard Sittig <gsi at denx.de>:
> [ dropping devicetree, we're DMA specific here ]
> On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 16:06 +0400, Alexander Popov wrote:
>> --- a/drivers/dma/mpc512x_dma.c
>> +++ b/drivers/dma/mpc512x_dma.c
>> [ ... ]
>> @@ -950,6 +951,7 @@ static int mpc_dma_probe(struct platform_device *op)
>>       INIT_LIST_HEAD(&dma->channels);
>>       dma_cap_set(DMA_MEMCPY, dma->cap_mask);
>>       dma_cap_set(DMA_SLAVE, dma->cap_mask);
>> +     dma_cap_set(DMA_PRIVATE, dma->cap_mask);
>>       for (i = 0; i < dma->chancnt; i++) {
>>               mchan = &mdma->channels[i];
> What are the implications of this?  Is a comment due?

I've involved DMA_PRIVATE flag because new of_dma_xlate_by_chan_id()
uses dma_get_slave_channel() instead of dma_request_channel()
(PATCH RFC v6 3/5). This flag is implicitly set in dma_request_channel(),
but is not set in dma_get_slave_channel().

There are only two places in the mainline kernel, where
dma_get_slave_channel() is used. I've picked up the idea
at one of these places. Please look at this patch:

> I haven't found documentation about the DMA_PRIVATE flag, only
> saw commit 59b5ec21446b9 "dmaengine: introduce
> dma_request_channel and private channels".

Unfortunately I didn't find any description of DMA_PRIVATE flag too.
But the comment at the beginning of drivers/dma/dmaengine.c
may give a clue. Quotation:
  * subsystem can get access to a channel by calling dmaengine_get() followed
  * by dma_find_channel(), or if it has need for an exclusive channel
it can call
  * dma_request_channel().  Once a channel is allocated a reference is taken
  * against its corresponding driver to disable removal.

DMA_PRIVATE capability flag might indicate that the DMA controller
can provide exclusive channels to its clients. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

> Alex, unless I'm
> missing something this one-line change is quite a change in
> semantics, and has dramatic influence on the code's behaviour
> (ignores the DMA controller when looking for channels that can do
> mem-to-mem transfers)

Excuse me, Gerhard, I don't see what you mean.
Could you point to the corresponding code?

> Consider the fact that this driver
> handles both MPC5121 as well as MPC8308 hardware.

Ah, yes, sorry. I should certainly fix this, if setting of DMA_PRIVATE flag
is needed at all.


Best regards,

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