[PATCH 0/6] Implement split core for POWER8

Alexander Graf agraf at suse.de
Wed Apr 30 19:52:19 EST 2014

On 30.04.14 07:09, Michael Neuling wrote:
>> This patch series implements split core mode on POWER8.  This enables up to 4
>> subcores per core which can each independently run guests (per guest SPRs like
>> SDR1, LPIDR etc are replicated per subcore).  Lots more documentation on this
>> feature in the code and commit messages.
>> Most of this code is in the powernv platform but there's a couple of KVM
>> specific patches too.
>> Alex: If you're happy with the KVM patches, please ACK them and benh can hold
>> this series.
> Alex,
> Any chance we can get an ACK on these two KVM patches so benh can put
> this series in his next branch?

For patches 1/6 and 5/6:

   Acked-by: Alexander Graf <agraf at suse.de>

However, please make sure to get Paul's ack as well.


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