on kernel, vlan and raw packets can not be received with gfar-enet nic

Willy Tarreau w at 1wt.eu
Thu Apr 3 21:01:28 EST 2014

Hi Zhu,

On Thu, Apr 03, 2014 at 05:57:53PM +0800, zhuyj wrote:
> I reference the following 2 mainline commits. These 2 commits are based 
> on the current kernel 3.x and ethtool.
> If we only backport these 2 commits on kernel 2.6.x, this problem will 
> not be fixed yet.

OK fine, I just wanted that we keep the reference of these equivalent
patches in the commit message so that if later a newer patch changes
anything they did, at least we have some indications that the commit
might also have to be revisited.

I'll merge your patch and put these references there.


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