SATA FSL and upstreaming

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Thu May 16 14:47:37 EST 2013

Hi folks !

So I was trying to use my 5020ds to test some stuff today. Since I
hadn't used it in a while, I decided to "upgrade" it to the latest NOR

Interestingly I discovered that the SATA (which was supposedly dead on
the rev1 chip) was actually working with the SDK kernel, while it's
still completely busted upstream.

A quick git compare shows about 5 or 6 commits in the SDK tree, some as
old as 2011, fixing various erratas in that chip, that never made their
way upstream.

Any reason for that ? Being GPL, I can submit them to Tejun myself but
it would be better form if you guys did :-)

BTW. Also what's the status with getting the network working upstream ?
Even if sub-standard the code could at least go into staging...


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