[PATCH 4/11] Add platform_has_feature()

Nathan Fontenot nfont at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Mar 20 05:15:02 EST 2013

On 03/14/2013 08:42 AM, Michael Ellerman wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 08, 2013 at 10:02:31PM -0600, Nathan Fontenot wrote:
>> The firmware_has_feature() function makes it easy to check for supported
>> features of the hardware. There is not corresponding function to check for
>> features supported by the client architecture.
> Actually it doesn't tell you about features of the hardware, it tells
> you about features of the firmware, or the platform ..
> So I think you should really just be adding a new firmware feature flag,
> and adding whatever glue code is required to set it based on what you
> find in the device tree.
> Also notice where you end up using it:
> -       if (firmware_has_feature(FW_FEATURE_OPAL))
> +       if (firmware_has_feature(FW_FEATURE_OPAL) ||
> +           platform_has_feature(OV5_TYPE1_AFFINITY)) {
> +               dbg("Using form 1 affinity\n");
> 		form1_affinity = 1;
> Could be:
> +       if (firmware_has_feature(FW_FEATURE_FORM1_AFFINITY) ||

To make sure I understand what you're suggesting...

You think there should be a single firmware_has_feature() for all current
uses and also for checking items such as FORM1_AFFINITY and PRRN 
features as reported by the device tree for vector 5 portions of the
client architecture bits. I think this could be done by checking the
device tree ibm,architecture-vec-5 node for a specified feature and
setting a bit the appropriate bit in powerpc_firmware_features.

I like this more than separate firmware_has_feature() and platform_has_feature()
routines to check.


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