[Suggestion] PowerPC: kernel: cross compiling issue with allmodconfig

Chen Gang gang.chen at asianux.com
Fri Mar 15 16:14:15 EST 2013

于 2013年03月15日 12:52, Michael Neuling 写道:
> Yep it's a known problem but no one has bothered to fix it since it
> doesn't happen in a config that anyone cares about like
> pseries_defconfig and ppc64_defconfig.  We've been moving code around in
> this area a lot recently hence the breakage.
> It should be fixed though.  Patches welcome. :-)

  thanks, and I should try, and very glad to try.

  :-)  :-)

  excuse me, I try to provide related patch within this month (2013-03-31), is it ok ?
  the reason is:
    I am not familiar with ppc assembly code, neither ppc kernel,
    so need additional time resource.
      (originally, I worked for x86(_64) core dump analysing for kernel and user programs)


Chen Gang

Asianux Corporation

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