ml510 booting problem.

rakesh l lrakesh05 at
Sat Jan 19 21:41:48 EST 2013

Hello All,

              I am trying to port 3.6 linux kernel on ml510 board and i
have already ported 3.6 kernel on ml403 board but i am unable to do the
same thing on ml510. I really don't know what i am missing here.

Tools used :

1) xilinx 13.1 edk
 2) linux kernel from (downloaded 3.6 kernel)
 3) eldk 5.3 (cross compilers tools)

Flow go's like this :

1) I have added necessary peripherals in the edk and generated bit stream
and exported it to sdk. In sdk i have creted a .dts file.
 2) The obtained dts file i have placed in arch/powerpc/boot/dts folder
 3) i also got ramdisk image from (placed in

compiled kernel using default configuration. i have also enabled soft fpu's

After compiling i got .elf file in arch/powerpc/boot . i took that elf and
download.bit in edk project and clubbed it in xmd console inorder to get
.ace file .
obtained .ace file is loaded in CF and trying to port through rs232, but i
am seeing nothing on the console. what to do.... what i am missing here. I
am breaking my head from past 1 month. Please do reply.

With Regards,
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