Build regressions/improvements in v3.7-rc5

Stephen Rothwell sfr at
Tue Nov 13 09:05:01 EST 2012

Hi Geert,

Thanks for these reports!

On Mon, 12 Nov 2012 22:02:46 +0100 Geert Uytterhoeven <geert at> wrote:
>   + error: relocation truncated to fit: R_PPC64_REL24 against symbol
> `._mcount' defined in .text section in arch/powerpc/kernel/entry_64.o:
> (.text+0x1ff9eb8) => (.text+0x1ffa274), (.text+0x1ff7840)
> powerpc-allyesconfig

Yeah, as Scott said, these are not worth reporting.  However, they are
being worked on in various ways, but will probably not be solved very
soon (it means we have to change how we link the kernel and that will
probably require some discussion).

I just keep the powerpc allyesconfig build there to catch other stuff
(like drivers that assume too much).
Stephen Rothwell                    sfr at
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