pread() and pwrite() system calls

David Laight David.Laight at ACULAB.COM
Tue May 29 18:28:55 EST 2012

> > A special pread/pwrite asm stub that just copies
> > r7 to r0 could be used.
> > 
> > Would it be enough to do:
> > syscall_pread_pwrite:
> > 	mov 0,7
> > 	sc
> > 	blr
> > and handle the -ve -> errno in C?
> Huh? Won't fly, r0 is used for the system call number!

I was copying that from r7!
Actually I have a much better stub by copying the one
used for mmap().
The system call itself is fine.
Using the system call almost halved the time taken
for a 4-byte read.

> On the other hand, I believed PPC had no problems passing
> up to 8 32 bit arguments in registers (r3 to r10), but
> I may be confusing with the standard ABI for function calls.
> Hmm, a quick look at kernel/entry_32.s shows that it should 
> be able to use at least r3 to r8, which should be sufficient.
> I think that it is an uClibc problem.

True, in that it isn't a kernel bug.
OTOH the kernel is likely to get blamed for non-atomic pread.
I've found the same user-space code in newlib as well.
glibc may be ok, some code I've found implies it only
uses the 'emulation' when the system call returns ENOSYS.


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